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What is it like to work for you?

What work will I be doing? What is the environment like? Is the employer going to look after me? Am I the right fit? Am I going to enjoy working there? These are just some of the crucial questions that we ask ourselves when looking for a new career or job opportunity.

Video is a fantastic tool that can answer these questions in just a few short minutes, whilst also showing potential recruits a look at the business through 1st hand testimonials of the people who already love working there!

First Impressions Are Everything

Not every viewer will be a great applicate or even a good fit for your company, but they could still become advocates or even future customers. We believe a great recruitment video should leave a long-lasting impression and encourage people to share the video far & wide. Remember, recruitment videos aren’t just about attracting job applicants, they’re also about brand awareness too. Sharing your ethos & the positive impact you are having in your industry is a fantastic way to make you not only a company that people want to support but also more attractive to those that want to develop in your industry.

No Awkward Surprises

Cut out the confusion by using video content to show off your business, ethos and even office perks, so that people can see what the role entails and if the environment is right for them before they even apply.

Attract Better Applicants

On Average businesses receive over a third more job applicants when they include video content in job postings, meaning you have a better opportunity to find candidates that are passionate about your business.

Keep It Real

You want to attract the right people who want to work for you long term. To do that you’ll need to show them what it’s truly like to work for you, and there’s no-one better to share their positive experience than the team that’s still sticking around.

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