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Your The Expert, Not Me!

No matter what you do, remember you are the expert in your field not your customer. Explainer videos help close that gap between the experts and the customer so that the purchaser knows if they actually need what you’re trying to sell and they are going to benefit, instead of being tricked and ending up with a bottle of snake oil. Because ultimately if you don’t know what you’re buying, you’re either not going purchase it or you’ll look at the cheaper option.

So Why Should I Buy From You?

This is a question that customers ask daily and ultimately the answer will make or break a sale. Explainer videos offer an answer to this question by conveying your brand message to potential customers quickly and effectively. And with the ability to showcase your product’s benefits, features and functionality, even within a real world scenario, your customers won’t be left scratching their heads figuring out what exactly you’re trying to sell them.

Knowledge is Power

With the use of sound & visuals, explainer videos help your customers learn about your products and services in a matter of minutes. Giving them the knowledge they need to make informed purchase decisions.

Get Seen

Having an explainer video on your landing page will boost your SEO organically up to 270%, making it a great tool to gain traction online.

The Mind of A Customer

80% of UK consumers watch an explainer video before making a purchase decision. Help your customers make the right choice by explaining how your stuff works.

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